Dalian Arts & Culture

Dalian is famous for its traditional Chinese culture and there are many opportunities for the visitors to experience the city's culture at theatres, cinemas, museums, and on the streets . The city is famed for its local acrobat and modern dancing troupe. But there are other avenues where one can get a glimpse into the arts and culture offered by Dalian as follows

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  • Performing Arts

    Dalian Acrobat and Modern Dancing Troupe

    Dalian is famed for its local acrobat and modern dancing troupe, as well as the well-known "first peasant wind band of China", a somewhat comical Communist propaganda stunt, that actually play with some style. Many of these performances can be seen at the Kylin Stage, a theatre on Kunming Street in Dalian.

    Traditional Chinese Opera

    For those interested in more localized musical performances Dalian offers a couple of options. The Peking Opera House, a former Japanese Shinto temple located between Labour Park and the Foreign Languages University, offers regular performances of Peking Opera. For those interested in catching the kinds of opera more associated with north-eastern China there's a theatre just behind the Ramada Hotel, Victory Square, which specializes in local opera forms.

    Concert Performances in Dalian

    Another form of night entertainment is to listen to a concert at the People's Cultural Club. The People's Cultural Club, off Zhongshan Square, was built in 1951 and today serves as the main concert hall of the city. A wide variety of orchestral, operatic and ballet performances are held, performed by local and touring companies.

    Theaters & Cinemas

    Dalian is home to many cinema halls playing many Hollywood flicks.And if you have time, do not forget to experience Chinese movies.Comprising of breath taking stunts and amazing feats of martial arts, the nicely woven stories would surely be worth the viewing time.

    For English movies, you should go to the Warner-Wanda cinema on the north side of Olympic Square or the Ownar Cineplex in the He Ping shopping centre north of Xinghai Square. For movies in Chinese, there are a cluster of cinemas in the centre of town around Youhao Square.

    Study Chinese Language in ChinaAo Na Movie City
    Address:2/F Heping Square, No. 695 Gao Er Ji Road, Shahekou District, Dalian
    Tel: (86411) 8431-3200

    Warner-Wanda Cinema
    Address:North side of Olympic Square, Xigang District, Dalian
    Tel: (86411) 8366-9988

    Taihe Cinema
    Address: No. 8 You Yi (Friendship) Square, Zhongshan District, Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8280-8395
    Learn Chinese Language in China
    Dalian Youhao Cinema
    Address: Youhao Plaza, Zhongshan District, Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8280-7056

    Dalian Red Star Cinema
    Address: No. 6 Chengyi Street, Shahekou District Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8464-1068

    Museums & Galleries

    Internship in China Liuligongfang Art Gallery at Friendship Shopping Center
    Address:1/F, No. 8 Renmin Road., Zhongshan District, Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8280-9426

    Dalian Museum of Natural History
    Address:No. 40 Xicun Street, Heishijiao, Shahekou District, Dalian
    Tel:(86411) 8467-5544
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    Dalian Modern Museum
    The Dalian Modern Museum is the first museum named "modern" in China. This 4 storey building beside the Xinghai Convention & Exhibition Centre covers an area of 21,600 square meters.
    Tel:(86411) 8480-0188

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