Tianjin Sightseeing

Visit Tianjin's Landmarks and Immerse in Chinese Culture

Tianjin is a good choice as a travel destination. With its cool sea breeze and fresh sea air you will definitely feel refreshed. Historical relics, natural scenery, temples, churches, assembly halls and commemorative sites of the Chinese revolution will illuminate Tianjin's past, present and future.

Tianjin is a famous historical city and a good choice as a travel destination. There are many scenic spots and historical sites, including the Dule Temple in Ji County, The Great Wall at the Huangya Pass, the Panshan scenery area. With its cool sea breeze and fresh sea air you will definitely feel refreshed. Tianjin is honored as a 'Building Museum' due to its occupation by the nine imperial powers before the founding of the new China, leaving behind many buildings with extraordinary and exotic architectural styles, a real feast for the eye!

  • Jinmen Guli
  • Dule Temple
  • Dagu Emplacement
  • Haihe River
  • Huangyaguan Great Wall
  • Panshan Mountain
  • Food Street
  • Tianjin TV & Radio Tower
  • Water Park
  • Tianjin Sports Center
  • Zhonghuan Cailian
  • Ancient Cultural Street
  • Clothing Street

  • Jinmen Guli

    Study Mandarin Chinese in ChinaJinmen Guli means old place in Tianjin for the reason that Jinmen is another name for Tianjin and Guli implies old place. Actually Jinmen Guli is a street on Gu Wehua Jie. There are many stores along this street dealing in jade articles, antiques, traditional handicrafts, especially famous Niren Zhang painted sculptures and Weiji kites. What makes Gu Wenhua Jie so amazing is that buildings on both sides of this street imitate the architectural style of those in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

    Dule Temple

    Study Chinese Language in China Dule Temple is more than 1,000 years old and consists of a complex of grand structures. In Dule Temple you can see the oldest multi-storied wooden pavilion in China and the Kwan-Yin statue, one of the biggest clay sculptures preserved in China

    Dagu Emplacement

    Learn to Speak Chinese Built in 1858 close to the sea, Dagu Emplacement was used to protect the capital city of the Qing Dynasty, Beijing. If you ever visit Dagu Emplacement, there are other attractions around worthy of your time as well, such as Haimen Bridge and Dagu Beacon.

    Haihe River

    Learn Chinese Language in ChinaLike a beautiful painting, Haihe River makes Tianjin City as charming as that seen in your imagination. In addition Haihe River Park and Wanghailou Church enhance the river's beauty a great deal. Strolling around the riverside at night adds to the appeal and romance

    Huangyaguan Great Wall

    Study Abroad in ChinaThe Huangyaguan Great Wall is an important military project of the Northern Qi Dynasty (550-577) and is located at the juncture of four cities, Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan and Chengde and is a wonderful example of ancient Chinese military engineering.

    The Huangyaguan Great Wall geographically belongs to Jixian County at the very northern tip of the Tianjin Municipality and is some 28 kilometers north of Jixian County Town. The pass, the only one of its kind in the County, contains the section of the Great Wall thatextends northward to Hebei Province. Even during the Qing Dynasty over two thousand ago, it was an important pass in northern China. In recent years, some new features have been added to the original construction, such as the Eight Diagrams Labyrinth (Bagua cheng), the Forest of Steles (Shike beilin), a museum (Bowuguan) and the Water Pass (Shui guan).

    The wall here has also been renovated recently, although its edges still show signs of decaying age. The most redeeming factor of this section is that it is less plagued by tourists than its Beijing counterparts. It is located in Jixian county 140 kilometers north of Tianjin.

    Panshan Mountain

    Learn to Speak ChinesePanshan Mountain is a very famous attraction in Tianjin. It is blessed with strange rock formations, verdant trees, clear streams lakes and mighty peaks. Panshan Mountain is made up of Shang Pan which is famous for vigorous pine trees, Zhong Pan which is well-known for unique rocks, and Xia Pan that is renowned for crystal clear stream water

    Food Street

    As a large city, Tianjin can indulge you with almost all eight of the classical Chinese cuisines , of which seven types including Shandong, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Anhui, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Hunan Cuisines can be enjoyed in Food Street. Undoubtedly each cuisine is a feast for your pallet. What's more all the traditional Chinese constructions are also represented in this street making a feast for your eyes as well.

    Tianjin TV & Radio Tower

    Learn Mandarin in ChinaTianjin TV & Radio Tower is the fourth highest TV tower in the world after Toronto TV Tower in Canada, Moscow Tower in Russia, and Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, China. It is located in Tianta Lake, and looks like a sword thrusting into the sky. There is a restaurant in the tower at the height of 248 meters (about 814 feet) to 278 meters (about 912 feet) which can simultaneously accommodate more than 200 guests and providing a bird's eye view of all Tianjin in this 'hanging restaurant'.

    Water Park

    Learn Mandarin in ChinaMore than half of the Water Park's area is covered with water, which makes this park a lovely and special one. In the park there are twelve small islands connected by arched bridges and small mounds. Weeping willows along the waters edge and lotus flowers in the water make this a relaxing place to visit.

    Tianjin Sports Center

    Study Abroad in ChinaCovering an area of 111 hectares, the centre includes a gymnasium, a stadium, an indoor swimming pool, bicycle racing ring, base ball arena and athletes' village. In addition, there is also a park for the public to do physical exercises and hold various recreational activities.

    The gymnasium is 90.46 meters long and 48.46 meters wide inside with a floor space of over 5, 000 square meters. This multi-functional, international standard sport project has 10,000 seats in the main hall and 2,500 seats in its subordinate hall. The 43rd World Table Tennis Championship was held here in May 1995.

    Zhonghuan Cailian (Charming Middle Betway)

    Zhonghuan is a beltway of Tianjin. High buildings, verdant trees, lovely flowers and parks are dotted along this beltway, which endows the whole city with a special glamour of modernity.

    Ancient Cultural Street

    The Ancient Culture Street lies on the junction of three rivers and is the centre of ancient Tianjin. With a Mazu Temple in its center, it is the cradle of Tianjin's riverside culture. The Great Wall, running through Jixian County to the north of Tianjin also adds to the city's primitive simplicity and charm.

    Clothing Street

    Situated next to the Hotel Street, the Clothing Street is the abbreviated name of the Tianjin Clothing Display and Sales Centre. Altogether there are over 100 shops in the Clothing Street which is operated by the state, collectives, or individuals. The stores offer famous, special and new clothes, in both retail and wholesale.