Xi'an Major Events & Festivals

A beautiful ancient city being host to more than a dozen Chinese dynasties in the past, Xi'an is undoubtedly the historical center of China. Today, the rich and colourful historical and cultural heritage of Xi'an is visible through a wealth of cultural relics, museums, and historical sites, including the world-famous terracotta army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang which is mixed in with the modern and vibrant metropolis. Following are a few of the popular events and festivals that are celebrated in Xi'an with fervor, fun and frolic.

Xi'an Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is one of the most important festivals that originated in the Western Han Dynasty which is supposed to bring loads of good luck. This festival as the name suggest is about hanging lanterns and is usually celebrated on the 15th of the first month of the lunar calendar. Because of Xi'an's amazing ties with the historical aspects of China, the Lantern Festival is considered a huge celebration for the Xi'anese.

Xi'an Spring Festival

The Spring festival or the Lunar New Year is perhaps the biggest traditional festival that the Chinese celebrate and this festival is celebrated by the ethnic Chinese community all over the world.According to some estimates the festival has been celebrated for some four thousand years. It can be said without much difficulty that the spring festival binds the whole country of China together though it consists of a lot of races and an enormous territory.

Xi'an Art Festival of Ancient Culture

If ethnicity is what you are looking for, then the place to be is the Xi'an Ancient Culture and Art Festival held every year since 1990. Its aim is to foster better understanding of the Chinese culture among other nations.

Xi'an International Calligraphy Meeting

The International Calligraphy Meeting is held annually in Xi'an. The meeting is marked by a fancy inauguration ceremony consisting of an inscription written on a hundred meter scroll.
Certificates are given to participants, and tourists have the opportunity to check out and learn more about calligraphy masterpieces that are on display at the Forest of Steles, Jiucheng and Shimen.